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Volume 2

  • TitelSyriac Dialogue
  • TitelzusatzSecond Non-Official Consultation on Dialogue within the Syriac Tradition
  • Edition/VolumeVolume 2
  • OrtVienna
  • Jahr1997
  • ISBN / ISSN3-901-188215
  • Seitenzahl236
  • AusgabeVerfügbar
    * Also available in French translation.
    ** Also available in Arabic translation.
  • VerlagPRO ORIENT
  • HerausgeberAlfred Stirnemann and Gerhard Wilflinger


Papers, minutes and Joint Communiqué of the Second Consultation in February 1996 in Vienna on Christological achievements, the Ephesus Council 451, the Three Chapters controversy and the East Syrian Liturgy as an Expression of Christology.
Preamble Patriarch Mar Addai II
Syric Dialogue 2 (1-194) [pdf, 4.33 mb] Syric Dialogue 2 (195-236) [pdf, 1.89 mb]