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Letter of his Holiness Benedict XVI to his Hollines Bartholomaios I
Veröffentlicht am:  23. November 2007
The feast of Saint Andrew the Apostle, brother of Peter and Patron of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, gives me the opportunity to convey to Your Holiness my prayerful good wishes for an abundance of spiritual gifts and divine blessings.

Letter of his Holiness Benedict XVI to his Holiness Bartholomew I
Veröffentlicht am:  6th July 2006
Dear and Holy Brother in Christ,

Since I am unable to be present in person at the new and important meeting for the safeguard of creation, which you have organized with the Sixth Symposium on "Religion, Science and the Environment", dedicated to the Amazon River, I entrust the task of bringing you my cordial greeting to Cardinal Roger Etchegaray.

Grußadresse von Papst Benedikt XVI. an die Kommission für den Dialog zw. der röm.-kath. Kirche und der orth. Kirche
Veröffentlicht am:  15. Dezember 2005
Dear Brothers in Christ,

I welcome you in the Lord's Name and I am delighted by our fraternal meeting. In this liturgical season of the joyful expectation of the Saviour's Birth, your presence increases our joy. You revive my memories of the Churches you represent and of the whole Orthodox world.

Note on the expression "Sister Churches"
Veröffentlicht am:  30. Juni 2000
Veröffentlicht durch: Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
The expression "sister Churches" occurs often in ecumenical dialogue, above all in the dialogue between Catholics and Orthodox, and is the object of continuing study by both parties. While there is certainly a legitimate use of this expression, an ambiguous use has become prevalent in contemporary writings on ecumenism.

Apostolic Letter "Novo Millennio Ineunte"
At the Close of the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000
Veröffentlicht am:  6. Januar 2001
Veröffentlicht durch: Pope John Paul II
In his apostolic letter, signed at the end of the Mass of the Epiphany, 2001, at the close of the Great Jubilee, the Holy Father addressed some of the great challenges faced by Christians in the Third Millennium. These include the New Evangelization, Christian unity, growth in interreligious dialogue, defense of the family and the environment, and the ethical implications of biotechnology.

Apostolic Letter for the 1,700 Anniversary of the Baptism of the Armenian People
Veröffentlicht am:  17. Februar 2001
Veröffentlicht durch: Pope John Paul II
John Paul II recalled that the conversion of the Armenian people to Christianity occurred seventeen centuries ago. "It was an event which profoundly marked your identity; not only your personal identity, but that of the community as well. For this reason one can speak of the 'Baptism' of your nation, even if in reality the spreading of Christianity had already begun some time earlier in your land."