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Booklet Nr. 1

  • TitelThe Vienna Dialogue
  • TitelzusatzCommuniques and Common Declarations
    Five PRO ORIENTE Consultations with Oriental Orthodoxy
    Vienna 1991
  • Edition/VolumeBooklet Nr. 1
  • OrtVienna
  • Jahr1991
  • ISBN / ISSN3-901-188
  • Seitenzahl136
  • Ausgabeverfügbar
    * Also available in Arabic translation.
    ** Auch in deutscher Ausgabe.
    *** Also available in Malayalam translation.
  • HerausgeberAlfred Stirnemann and Gerhard Wilflinger
  • pdf-downloadBooklet Nr. 1 [pdf, 1.89 mb]


Short introduction to the most important results of the debates within the five rounds of Ecumenical Consultations between theologians of the Oriental Orthodox Churches and the Roman Catholic Church known as “The Vienna Dialogue”, presentation of the texts of the official documents signed in the course of this dialogue.
Preamble Franciscus Cardinal König