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Volume 1

  • TitelSyriac Dialogue
  • TitelzusatzFirst Non-Official Consultation on Dialogue within the Syriac tradition
  • Edition/VolumeVolume 1
  • OrtVienna
  • Jahr1994
  • ISBN / ISSN3-901-188053
  • Seitenzahl236
  • AusgabeVerfügbar
    * Also available in French translation.
    ** Also available in Arabic translation.
  • HerausgeberAlfred Stirnemann and Gerhard Wilflinger
  • pdf-downloadSyric Dialogue 1 [pdf, 4.45 mb]


Papers, minutes and Joint Communiqué of the Consultation in June 1993 in Vienna on “Orthodoxy and Cathilicity in the Syriac Tradition with Special Attention to the Theology of the Church of the East in the Sasanian Empire”
Preamble Catholicos Patriarch Mar Dinkha IV
Syric Dialogue 1 [pdf, 4.45 mb]