Pro Oriente


25. March 2024
Thema: 60th Anniversary of PRO ORIENTE


As we stand at the threshold of the 60th Anniversary of the PRO ORIENTE Foundation, I am filled with immense gratitude for the foundation’s unwavering commitment to ecumenical rapprochement and cooperation among Christian Churches, particularly in dialogue with the Churches of the Orient/East.

The prophetic verse from Zechariah 6:12 aptly captures the essence of PRO ORIENTE’s mission: “And you shall speak to him, saying: Thus says the Lord of hosts, saying: BEHOLD A MAN, THE ORIENT IS HIS NAME: and under him shall he spring up, and shall build a temple to the Lord.”

PRO ORIENTE has been a symbol of unity and understanding for six decades, bridging the gaps between different Christian traditions. Through its initiatives, conferences, and publications, PRO ORIENTE has nurtured a fruitful dialogue, promoting respect and cooperation. The foundation has echoed the spirit of reconciliation and unity of the late Cardinal Franz König.

As we celebrate PRO ORIENTE’s amazing journey, we also anticipate its future projects. I see PRO ORIENTE as a key agent for dialogue, enhancing the understanding and collaboration of Christian churches worldwide. May the foundation be faithful to its ecumenical mission, valuing diversity and seeking unity in the body of Christ.

I am grateful to join this celebration and to express my appreciation for PRO ORIENTE’s precious work. Enclosed is my personal photo for publication on your website.

With heartfelt gratitude and prayers for PRO ORIENTE’s continued success,

Mor Polycarpus A. Aydin

Archbishop of the Syriac Orthodox Church in The Netherlands