Pro Oriente


25. March 2024
Thema: 60th Anniversary of PRO ORIENTE


The sixty years that Pro Oriente existed were widely seen as a time of peace. This favored ecumenical dialogue, which was often able to diminish theological and church-political irritations with astonishing success. But now wars are raging, there is a climate emergency, and flight and migration are shaping political developments in a fatal way. Theological questions move into the background, while the great challenges of the tumbling world come to the fore. Religions, including Christian denominations, are - too often willingly - misused to legitimize violence - thus they do not bring God into credit, but rather discredit; at the same time, wars not only make peoples to enemies but also religions and denominations. The path to reconciliation will be a long one: but this is precisely where Pro Oriente can make a strong contribution in the years to come.

Paul M. Zulehner