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Other Greek Catholic Churches

In addition to the Melkite Patriarchate, the Romanian, Ruthenian, Slovak, Ukrainian and Hungarian Greek Catholic Churches, there are other Eastern Catholic Churches of the Byzantine tradition that do not have the status of an "ecclesia sui iuris" (church in their own right). These include the two dioceses of the Italo-Albanian Church, the two eparchies of the Greek-Catholic Church in Croatia and Serbia, but also some numerically smaller eparchies and apostolic exarchates, of which a brief overview is given here.

In Albania there has been the Apostolic Administration of Southern Albania since 1939 for the Albanian Catholics of the Byzantine tradition. Today there are just under 2,000 faithful.

In Belarus there is an Apostolic Visitation for the Greek Catholic faithful. According to the "Annuario Orientale Cattolico 2022" their current number is unknown.

In Bulgaria in the 1860s there was a union movement that probably arose primarily as a reaction against a Hellenization of the Orthodox Church in Bulgaria that had started in Constantinople. The Apostolic Exarchate for the Greek Catholics, founded in 1926, was raised to an eparchy in 2019, which was given the title “St. John XXIII”. About 10,000 faithful belong to it.

In Greece there has been an Apostolic Exarchate for Catholics of the Byzantine rite based in Athens since 1932, which today has around 6,000 faithful.

In North Macedonia there is the Eparchy “St. Virgin Mary” in Strumica-Skopje with about 11,000 faithful. It emerged from the Eparchy of Križevci, from which an Apostolic Exarchate for Greek Catholics in North Macedonia was spun off in 2001. In May 2018, the Apostolic Exarchate was raised to an Eparchy.

In Russia there is an Apostolic Exarchate for the Greek Catholic faithful based in Novosibirsk, headed by the Roman Catholic Bishop of Novosibirsk as Ordinary. The "Annuario Orientale Cattolico 2022" has no information about the number of faithful.