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“Bridging the Divide - Processes of Healing Wounded Memories in Former Yugoslavia”

Ecumenical Workshop

The Ecumenical Workshop “Bridging the Divide - Processes of Healing Wounded Memories in Former Yugoslavia”, organized by the Commission for Orthodox-Catholic Dialogue of the PRO ORIENTE Foundation (POSCOCD) in cooperation with the Centre for Philosophy and Theology in Trebinje at the premises of the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Zahumlje and Herzegovina, aims to explore the theological and practical aspects of repentance, reconciliation and conflict transformation in ecumenical and interreligious contexts. With a focus on Orthodox-Catholic dialog, this workshop aims to deepen understanding of these important issues, especially in the former Yugoslavia, a region deeply affected by historical and current conflicts between these communities.

Following the kick-off conference of the “Healing of Wounded Memories” project in Vienna in November 2023, the workshop in Trebinje marks the beginning of the phase of deepening the dialogues in the regions where there have been and still are conflicts and tensions between Catholic and Orthodox Christians. Renowned Orthodox and Catholic theologians, religious and bishops, as well as experts from other academic disciplines and committed Christians involved in practical peace and reconciliation work from various countries of the former Yugoslavia are coming together to share their insights and experiences and enter into a dialog about them.

The actual workshop focuses on Catholic-Orthodox relations. The interreligious contexts are also examined in a public evening event. In addition to an Orthodox bishop and a Catholic archbishop, the Mufti of Mostar is among the speakers.

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