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Structure of PRO ORIENTE

PRO ORIENTE was founded on 4 November 1964 by the archbishop of Vienna at the time, Dr. Franz König, as an ecclesiastical foundation of the Archdiocese of Vienna according to canon 1489 CIC of 1917, with legal personality for state matters according to art. XV/7 of the concordat.

Further Information

The organs of the Foundation are: the Board of Trustees, the Financial Committee, the Board with its General Secretary, as well as the Conference of Consultants and the Sections of the Foundation in Salzburg, Graz and Linz.

All members of the existing organs work on an honorary basis.
Persons who have distinguished themselves through their service to the ecumenical movement or to the foundation may be appointed Protectors or Honorary Members of the Board.
The activities of the foundation are regulated by its statutes and procedural rules.

An association is attached to the foundation, namely “PRO ORIENTE - Association for the Scholarly Study of Ecumenical Relations”, whose activities are regulated by its statutes.