Pro Oriente


PRO ORIENTE pursues its nonprofit aims in the form of a church foundation and an association. Both bodies are independent as far as their structure and working methods are concerned. Their headquarters are located at the General Secretariat in Vienna.

PRO ORIENTE Foundation

The PRO ORIENTE Foundation has sections in Salzburg, Graz and Linz. These locations are also represented by board members in the PRO ORIENTE association.

PRO ORIENTE was founded on November 4, 1964 by the then Archbishop of Vienna, Dr. Franz König, as church foundation of the Archdiocese of Vienna according to canon 1489 CIC from 1917 and as a legal entity of state law according to Art. XV/7 of the Concordat. The foundation is based in Vienna.

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ASSOCIATION PRO ORIENTE – Society for Academic Research on Ecumenical Relations

At the headquarters of the PRO ORIENTE Foundation, there is an association that bears the name PRO ORIENTE - Society for Academic Research on Ecumenical Relations. The association is dedicated to the research and documentation as well as the academic exchange on ecumenical relations between the Roman Catholic Church and both the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches.

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