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Second Meeting of the Heads of the Oriental Orthodox Churches in the Middle East

Common Declaration

St. Ephrem Monastery, Ma'Arat Saydnaya, Damascus, Syria. "We have gathered together for the second time as Heads of the Oriental Orthodox Churches in the Middle East to re-affirm our unity of faith and our common ministry in the life of our people in the Middle East and all over the world, explore together the most efficient ways and means to strengthen our common presence and witness in the region. We assessed our work together after our last meeting."

–– Syriac Consultations [12 entries]
–– Kommission junger orth. und kath. TheologInnen [5 entries]
–– Weitere PRO ORIENTE Dokumente [10 entries]
–– CEE [1 entry]
Römisch-Katholische Kirche [26 entries]
Orthodoxe Kirche - Dokumente [13 entries]
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Multi- und Bilaterale Dialogdokumente [17 entries]
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