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Financial Committee

The Financial Committee is appointed by the Board of Trustees as a permanent committee for questions of current financing. It is chaired by the member of the Board of Directors in charge of these matters, and its members are elected by the Board of Trustees for the duration of four years.

Further Information on the Financial Committee

The Chairman of the Financial Committee is Dr. Gordian F. GUDENUS. The chairpersons of the financial committees of the regional sections (or their representatives) are invited to the meetings of the Financial Committee of the Board of Trustees. Currently these are HR Mag. Robert LUCKMANN (Salzburg Section), Dr. Mag. Stefan TSCHIKOF (Graz Section) and KR Dr. Wolfgang WEIDL (Linz Section).
The Foundation is financed by state subsidies, the Archdiocese of Vienna, ecclesiastical and secular institutions, companies and private persons.

Section: Vienna