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On suggestion of the Board of Directors and by decision of the Board of Trustees, the Archbishop of Vienna can appoint individuals as consultants of PRO ORIENTE for the period of four years. The aim is for them to advise the Board of Directors on the fulfilment of the foundation’s purposes and on determining the most important issues.

Further Information on Consultants

The Board of Directors can advise through advisory opinions of individual consultants, of their own accord, upon request of the Board of Directors, or at consultants’ conferences. These conferences, which are held approximately every five years, serve to develop mid- and long-term strategies for the foundation’s activities.
In selecting consultants, PRO ORIENTE emphasises the participation of leading Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox dignitaries, as well as of specialists from different countries (currently from four European and two non-European countries) and representatives of institutions with which PRO ORIENTE cooperates.
The activities of the consultants are governed by § 3 of the by-laws.

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