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Organs of the Salzburg Section

Here you will find information about the organs of PRO ORIENTE’s Salzburg Section.

Salzburg Committee

The committee is comprised of the Archbishop of Salzburg, the section chairperson, the head of the sponsors’ association and 30-50 honorary members from the ecclesiastical, cultural, public and commercial spheres. It meets once a year and acknowledges the annual report prepared by the section’s chairperson and financial committee. The committee advises on general guidelines on how PRO ORIENTE’s aims can be realised and promoted within the Archdiocese of Salzburg. It is chaired by the Bishop of the Archdiocese of Salzburg (until 1988 Archbishop Dr. Karl BERG, until 2002 Archbishop Dr. Georg EDER, until 2013 Archbishop Dr. Alois KOTHGASSER), currently Archbishop Dr. Franz LACKNER, or by his representative.

Salzburg Working Committee

The working committee is appointed by the Archbishop of Salzburg for a period of five years. It is comprised of the section’s chairperson and at least seven other members: one representative each of the Katholishe Bildungswerk (Catholic Educational Institute), St. Virgil Salzburg (Educational Centre), the Theological Faculty of the University of Salzburg, the head of the Division for the Ecumenical Movement, Dialogue of Religions and Cultures of the Archdiocese of Salzburg, an expert in public relations, the chairperson of the section’s financial committee, and the office manager of the Foundation. The working committee is tasked with organising the section’s activities, particularly with the planning and implementation of scholarly and cultural events.
The working committee has been headed by: Pfr. Mag Rupert REINDL (1985 – 1993), Univ.-Prof. DDr. Peter L. HOFRICHTER (1994 – 2006), and Prof. Dr. Dietmar W. WINKLER (since 2007).

The Salzburg Sponsors‘ Association (Financial Committee)

The sponsors’ association (financial committee) consists of the section’s chairperson, at least six members of the committee appointed by the archbishop, one member of the working committee, and the chairperson of the Foundation’s sponsors’ association. The sponsors’ association (financial committee) is tasked with fundraising, preparing the section’s annual budget, advising the working committee on financial matters, and approving the section’s financial accounts.
The financial committee/sponsors’ association has been headed by: Franz Alfred Graf HARTIG (1988-1993), Gen.-Dir. DDr. Manfred HOLZTRATTNER (1985-2010), Dr. Hannes LEITINGER (2010-2017) and HR Mag. Robert LUCKMANN (since 2018).

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