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PRO ORIENTE can look back on a long history of dialogue with the Oriental Orthodox Churches. Since its inception in 1964, it has endeavoured to develop far-reaching networks with all the Oriental Orthodox Churches.

Historical Background

Founded in 1994, the Syriac Commission was the first commission in which all nine churches of Syriac tradition in the Middle East and India were represented. The commission was established by PRO ORIENTE as a consequence of the events of the time. This commission also prepared the seven informal Syriac consultations that were held by PRO ORIENTE between 1994 and 2005.
In February 2006 the Syriac Commission proclaimed its work completed. Eventually the Forum Syriacum was established in autumn 2006. This Forum is comprised by experts from the churches of the Syriac tradition, as well as by internationally recognised experts in the history, language and theology of these churches. All members are elected by PRO ORIENTE.

Methods and Aims

The Forum Syriacum is the only forum in the world that enables and cultivates dialogue between the nine churches of the Syriac tradition. Its members determine the theological and non-theological topics to be discussed at scholarly conferences (Colloqluium Syriacum). Regarding the upcoming conferences in November 2013, the Forum Syriacum has decided to readdress theological themes such as:
- Spirituality in the Churches of Syriac tradition
- Relations with diaspora Churches
- Pastoral cooperation
The aim is to preserve the churches of the Syriac tradition, their millenia-old heritage and their cultural diversity for future generations, and to deepen knowledge about these Churches.