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"As the Father has sent me, I am sending you!" (John 20,21b)

Dear Friends of PRO ORIENTE! Already today we want to give you advance notice of the next number of our PRO ORIENTE-magazine, which will appear by Pentecoste. We hope that, the topic "Ecumenism and Mission" is appealing to you, especially in these days. At the moment we all have to face the consequences of the Coronavirus Pandemic, such as the Lock-Down and also a "Slow-Down" of our social and religious life. This may cause a certain disheartenment. But even difficult times and circumstances could not discourage the „Lord´s disciples“ from proclaiming the message of hope and of christian unity, as the articles of the next number will show. Please find here the long version of Dr. Theodora Issa´s article about the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch and all the East (SOCAE). PRO ORIENTE Magazin 2/2020_ Th. Issa_The Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch and Ecumenism_full version [pdf, 1.27 mb]
May the articles on the topic "Ecumenism and Mission" motivate us all to contribute to and to pray for christian unity during these days, when we are especially in need of christian fraternity to support each other. PRO ORIENTE Magazine 2/2020 [pdf, 65.92 kb]

    The PRO ORIENTE Foundation was initiated by (the then Archbishop of Vienna,) Cardinal Franz König in Vienna on 4 November 1964 while the Second Vatican Council was still in progress. Ever since then, PRO ORIENTE has worked to overcome the schism between the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Churches at a scientific level and by means of “travelling diplomacy”.

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  • Current Situation

    PRO ORIENTE's office remains closed upon further notice, based on the actual restrictions on movement in Austria, because of the Coronavirus pandemic. The staff is working from their home offices, they can be contacted by email (please write to:
    Based on the current situation, all events planned in March 2020 are cancelled.
    We wish the best, hoping for good health and safety, to everyone. May God bless and protect you all.

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