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The three sections are part of the foundation, without
a legal personality. They are established by the local ordinarius with the approval of the Board of Trustees. Sections exist in the archdiocese Salzburg since 1985 and also in the dioceses Graz-Seckau and Linz since 1987.

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The sections observe the misssion of the foundation in the archdiocese or diocese, where they are established. The working methods of the sections are regulated by a regulative. The organs oft he sections are the committee (honorary members from the ecclesiastical, cultural, public and commercial spheres; it advises on general guidelines on how PRO ORIENTE’s aims can be realised and promoted within the diocese; acknowledgement of the annual report prepared by the section’s chairperson and financial committee), the working committee and the financial committee or the sponsors’ association.

The section chairperson on top of each section is appointed by the local ordinarius for a period of five years. The section chairperson represents the section. He is responsible for the annual invitation and meeting of the committee and the annual report to the committe and to the Board of Trustees of the PRO ORIENTE foundation.

Section: Vienna