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The Linz Section of the PRO ORIENTE Foundation was established on 12 October 1987 by Dr. Maximilian AICHERN, then Bishop of the Diocese of Linz, with the approval of PRO ORIENTE’s Board of Trustees, in order to further the aims of the foundation within the Diocese of Linz.

Further information on the Linz Section

The Linz Section organizes about three public ecumenical symposia, several lectures, and an exhibition in cooperation with the Christian Orient Initiative (ICO) t every year.

The Linz Section is headed by its chairperson, who is appointed by the Bishop of Linz for a term of five years. Until 1997 Eduard PLOIER, president of Catholic Action Austria, led the section. His successors were Dr. Franz STAUBER (chairperson until 2007) and Dr. Dietmar FIEDLER (until 2013). Until 2016 MMag. Stefan GUGEREL chaired the section and headed its working committee. In February 2016 Dr. Dietmar FIEDLER was appointed chairman and Mag. Florian WEGSCHEIDER secretary. Mag. Florian WEGSCHEIDER assumed the chair for a short time, and on 31 May 2017 retired Governor Dr. Josef PÜHRINGER was appointed the new chairman, while Mag. Florian WEGSCHIEDER remains secretary of the section’s working committee.

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