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PRO ORIENTE Summer Course

The PRO ORIENTE summer course aims at offering a forum for junior academics where they can present their research work and build networks.

The Basic Situation

It is currently held that the interest in the ecumenical movement on the part of theology students from all denominations is declining. At the same time, however, the number of young academics who are interested in doing research on Christian church unity in their doctoral theses and university research work is growing. Against this background, PRO ORIENTE would like to offer a platform which enables international networking for young academic researchers on ecumenism from all disciplines and at the same time present the current state of research.
The pending generation shift within the ecumenical movement will bring changes. By establishing contacts with the next generation it will be possible to maintain the ability to act.

Working methods and goal

During the main lectures, carefully selected experts go into specific questions with the participants and give a survey and insight into the main focus of the Summer Course. Extended workshops offer opportunities to do work on research projects together.

The project’s aims

- The promotion of professional exchange between junior academics and experts
- The creation of an international and interdisciplinary network
- Promoting the new generation and the exchange between the generations

Target group

The PRO ORIENTE Summer course is an option for graduate students with at least a B.A. degree as well as aspirants to a doctorate and young scholars reading Patristics, Ecumenical Theology and Church History.