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Band 8

  • TitlePRONOIA. The Providence of God
  • Titelzusatz ##Forscher aus dem Osten und Westen Europas an den Quellen des gemeinsamen Glaubens
  • Edition/VolumeBand 8
  • CityInnsbruck
  • Year2019
  • ISBN / ISSN973-3-7022-3819-3
  • Seitenzahl ##445
  • Verlag ##Verlagsanstalt Tyrolia
  • Herausgeber ##Th. Hainthaler; F. Mali; G. Emmenegger; M. Lenkaityté Ostermann


"The Providence of God" was the topic of the Eighth Patristic Colloquy of Catholic and Orthodox scholars from 13 European countries in Warsaw, capital of Poland, in 2017. The concept of Divine Providence, "pronoia", rooted in ancient philosophy, was soon taken up and commented on by Christian authors. It is even a current topic in today's analytical philosophy of religion. How is God's sovereign care compatible with human freedom? What about the problem of evil in the world in view of an omnipotent, omniscient and perfectly good God? Thoughts and reflections of the fathers of the Church on such questions often present still valuable answers also in the discussion of today.