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For 50 years, PRO ORIENTE has passionately pursued - in the spirit of Cardinal Franz König - one grand, common aim: bringing Christians from the East and West closer together. It does this with a very small team and constantly scarce resources, and with the support of some 180 honorary helpers.
This is the aim of PRO ORIENTE and all those who have accompanied and supported us along the way. Much has been achieved, confidence and an atmosphere of brother- and sisterhood have been established, and prejudices have been overcome.

Our work has even influenced declarations of Popes and the Eastern Patriarchs. With Christ’s words “that they all may be one…and that the world may know…” (Jn. 17:21,23) as our Magna Charta, we wish to make our mark of peace and serve as an example in the future as well. The need today is greater than ever.

Donation Possibilities

We need your donations for:

- Historical projects through which we attempt to identify the root causes of conflict and resolve them.
- Theological projects aimed at removing existing theological and non-theological obstacles, in order to pave the way for much-desired visible unity.
Projects designed to help the currently most persecuted Oriental Orthodox Churches to preserve their traditions of faith and culture and strengthen their identity.

Basic Support
The foundation’s operating expenses also need to be covered, in order to maintain our large network of 21 churches and some 30 partner organisations, and to serve as
a contact point for questions regarding the Christian East.

You may also make bequests to us so that Cardinal König’s vision may live on. Our legal counsel can advise you on this, and we guarantee discretion and that your bequest will be used to fulfil the foundation’s statutory aims without any deductions.