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Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

Chaldean Community
The Official Chaldean Community Website

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Faith and Order
Informationen über den äthiopisch-orthodoxen Glauben, Hymnen und Fotos

Church of Cyprus
Official Website of the Church of Cyprus

Biserica Ortodoxa Romana
Information über das Rumänische Orthodoxe Patriarchat in rumänisch, englisch, französisch, deutsch, russisch und griechisch.

Ethiopian Catholic Church (gemeinsame Internetpräsenz der r.k. Kirche Äthiopiens und der äthiop.-kath. Kirche)
The Ethiopian Catholic Church is especially close to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, whose doctrine and liturgical tradition she shares. While separated by their understanding of the primacy of the Bishop of Rome, the Ethiopian Catholic and Orthodox Churches have basically the same sacraments, the same prayers, the same devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the angels and the saints, the same traditions

Hungarian Greek Catholic Church
Only in Hungarian language!

Orthodox Church of Moldova
Only in Romanian language!

Orthodoxy in China
Orthodoxy arrived in China in 1685, more than a century earlier than the first Protestant missionaries. Intermittent border skirmishes in the Amur River area between troops of the Qing Emperor and the Czar resulted in some Russians being taken prisoner. A priest by the name of Maxim Leontiev was among the prisoners taken in 1685 to Beijing. The Russo-Chinese accord of Nerchinsk in 1690 settled disputes but some of the released prisoners decided to stay in China as naturalized citizens.

Byzantine Catholic Church in America
Byzantine Catholics in America are the spiritual descendants of Christians in Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East who are the heirs of this Byzantine religious culture, and who therefore trace their spiritual heritage to the Great Church of Constantinople, known as Hagia Sophia (The Church of Holy Wisdom).

Assyrian Church of the East

Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate
The main objective of this site is to present and interpret the official position of the Russian Orthodox Church on issues relating to the processes of European integration, as well as on other matters of current interest. Here you will also find other materials in English and French concerning the life and teaching of the Orthodox Church, including its theological and liturgical traditions.

Italo Albanian Diocese
Information on the bishop, history of the Albanian Church in Italy and the Byzantine rite.

Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople
The Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople is today one of the smallest Patriarchates of the Oriental Orthodox Church. Despite a huge diminuation in the number of its faithful, it is still the largest Christian community in Turkey.

Jacobite Syrian Christian Church of India
Within a short period, the schisms in the Malankara Church reached a flash point and brought forth the unfortunate division in the Jacobite Syrian Church. While many from the three southern dioceses sided with Wattessril Mor Dionysius, almost the entire northerners continued to be the part of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church under the Holy See of Antioch.

Macedonian Orthodox Church
According to the sources in the Acts, Saint Paul, Christ's disciple, began spreading Christianity in Macedonia and elsewhere on the Balkan Peninsula towards the 1st century AD.

Orthodox Church in America
As the local Autocephalous Orthodox Church in America, Departments, Offices and Commissions have been established by the Orthodox Church in America to meet those needs faced by the faithful, necessary for the building up of the Church in North America.

Russische Orthodoxe Kirche im Ausland
Informationen aus dem Leben der Diözese, Predigten, Ankündigungen und Begegnungen.

Latvian Orthodox Church
Only in Latvian and Russian language!