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Monastero di Bose
Bose is a monastic community of men and women belonging to different Christian churches. It is a monastic community seeking God in prayer, poverty, celibacy, and obedience to the Gospel. It is a monastic community living in fellowship with men and women and at their service.

Monastery of Chevetogne
The community of Chevetogne (Belgium) was founded in 1925 by a pioneer of ecumenism in the Roman Catholic Church, Dom Lambert Beauduin. Ever since its foundation the Abbey strives to be a center of prayer, of meeting and theological study. The monks are liturgically organized in two groups, one celebrating according to the Western tradition, the other according to the Eastern Byzantine tradition.

Benediktinerabtei Ettal
Zu den Aktivitäten der Benediktinerabtei gehört auch die Ostkirchenarbeit, die im byzantinischen Institut geleistet wird.

Abtei Niederaltaich
Niederaltaich ist ein Kloster mit zwei kirchlichen Traditionen. Ein Teil der Mönche lebt im römischen, ein Teil im byzantinischen Ritus.

Taizé Community
Taize, in the south of Burgundy, France, is the home of an international, ecumenical community, founded there in 1940 by Brother Roger.

Comunità di Sant’Egidio
The Community of Sant’Egidio is dedicated to the evangelisation and charity, in Rome, Italy and in more than 70 countries through the world.

Valamo Monastery
Valamo is the Finnish Orthodox Church’s only monastery and is located in the district of Heinävesi, in the midst of the lake region of eastern Finland.

Mount Athos
Mount Athos is the centre of Eastern Orthodox Monasticism. Set in an area of outstanding natural beauty, it is a treasury which houses and guards many artefacts and monuments of religious, national and artistic value. As an institution Mount Athos is, and has been, the chief standard bearer of Orthodox Christianity.