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Association for Scholarly Research on Ecumenical Relations

An "Association for Scholarly Research on Ecumenical Relations" is situated at the head office of PRO ORIENTE Foundation. Its purpose is to research, document, and academically teach the ecumenical relations between the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Churches.

Further Information

The Association’s research and teaching activities are geared towards resolving conflict, and focus on aspects relating to history, theology and the social sciences. Since its aim is to overcome centuries of mutual alienation and prejudice, thereby contributing to European integration, its scholarly activity is interdisciplinary, cross-cultural and unites cultures. The Association’s activities are not profit oriented, and along with regular members it also has associate members (Friends of the Association) who support these activities – mostly by paying membership fees.

On 21 May 2012, the University of Vienna and the PRO ORIENTE Association for Scholarly Research on Ecumenical Relations agreed on a cooperation based on the Association’s above-mentioned aims. This cooperation with the University’s Catholic Theological Faculty encompasses existing subject and research areas, as well as the prioritization of new issues arising from current challenges.