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Februar 2011

24. - 26. Februar 2011
Everlasting Value and permanent Actuality of the Edict of Milan
Wissenschaftliche Tagung
  • Datum / Zeit24. - 26. Februar 2011
  • Ort
      Nis / Serbien
  • SektionWien
  • StatusNicht öffentlich


    Arrival und Welcoming of the participants

    Opening of the Conference
    Morning Session Part I:

    -- Dr. Christian Gastgeber: "Constantine the Great and his Bible “Decree”" (Österr. Akad. d. Wissenschaften)
    -- Dr. Erika Juhasz: "Constantine the Great and his Importance: Seen by the Historiography of the 7th Century (Chronicon Paschale)" (Péter Pázmány University, Piliscsaba, Hungary)
    -- Dr. Sebastiano Panteghini (Österr. Akad. d. Wissenschaften): "Constantine the Great and the Renewal of his Image (14th century, Ecclesiastical History of Nikephoros Xanthopulos)"

    Morning Session Part II
    -- Prof. Milutin Timotijevic (Rector Orthodox Theology School Saint Kirilo and Metodije): Topic tbc
    -- Prof. Dr Darko Tanaskovic (Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade): "Christianity in the Dialectics of Freedom and Restraint"
    -- Prof. Dr Radivoj Radic (Visantologist, Institute for Byzantine studies, Belgrade): "Constantine the Great in Serbian Medieval Resources"

    -- Presentation of the Е-DIALOG MULTILINGUA Project
    Mr. Milutin Lilic

    Lunch Break

    Afternoon Session

    All should have free permission to follow the religion they want

    -- His Grace Mr. Irinej, Bishop of Bachka, SOC
    -- H.E. Mons. Ladislav Nemet, Bishop, Bishop of Zrenjanin, RCC

    -- Msgr. Stanislav Hočevar, Archbishop of Belgrade and Metropolitan, RCC
    -- H. E. Mr. Istvan Čete-Semeši, Biskup Reformatske hrišćanske Crkve u Srbiji
    -- Muhammad Jusufspahic, Belgrade Mufti, Islamic Community of Serbia
    -- Mrs. Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni, Director General of Education, Culture and Heritage, Youth and Sport, Coordinator for Intercultural Dialogue, COE (TBC)
    -- Prof. Dr Radovan Bigovic, Director of Christian Cultural Center and Professor at the Faculty of Theology, University of Belgrade, Serbia
    -- Mr. Jakob Finci, President of the Jewish Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Conclusions, Formulation of the Final Paper

    Excursion & Departure of the Participants


    CIVIC - Association of Non-Governmental Organisations of South-East Europe
    Peace and Crisis Management Foundation